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Travel safety is a concern for many people in today’s day and age. Unfortunately, accidents do occur while people are traveling. Krystal International Vacation Club wants members to know that their safety is of the highest importance whenever they stay at a Krystal Resort. Here are a few things travelers should be aware of when they travel not just to Puerto Vallarta, but to anywhere in the world:

Know the Area ¾ Nothing can make a more appealing victim than someone that looks lost or takes a wrong turn down a darkened, deserted street. Krystal International Vacation Club recommends carrying a detailed map, using a GPS on a phone, or even taking pictures of landmarks and street signs to help navigate unfamiliar areas. Most importantly, be aware of one’s surroundings¾people, places, etc. It’s highly recommended that when in need of directions, travelers should ask discreetly and, if possible, inside of a business. Trust one’s gut feelings. If something seems off, it may be, and it is best to steer clear of it.

 Water Safety ¾ Hundreds of people experience injuries while enjoying water sports, sometimes even fatal injuries. Keeping safety in mind whenever water is involved can help eliminate the number of water-associated accidents that occur each year. Krystal International Vacation Club suggests the use of life vests, particularly when on boats or other watercraft. Never drink when operating any type of boat, Jet Ski, or when diving. It is also always a good idea to swim with others and be aware of the distance to the shore.

Stranger Danger ¾ This applies to adults as well as children. Be wary of overly friendly strangers that ask personal questions or that persist in having a conversation. Not every friendly stranger is a danger but Krystal International Vacation Club recommends a good dose of caution. A good rule of thumb when traveling is to avoid giving rides to people that are stranded, hitch-hiking or “out of gas.” These can often lead to dangerous situations. In places such as bars and nightclubs, be aware of people giving travelers too much attention, and never invite strangers back to one’s hotel room.

Travelers should always use common sense and trust their feelings. Vacations should be memorable for all of the fun stuff that happened¾not because of accidents or unfortunate events. For more information on the best travel practices visit Krystal International Vacation Club at