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Krystal International Vacation Club offers travelers the chance to enjoy the vacation of their dreams, granting access to the ultimate in luxury. Travelers will enjoy the beautiful scenery found in Puerto Vallarta, one of the most beautiful and renowned areas in the world. There are many things those who visit will discover and fall in love with, and make them hope to return to the area again and again year after year for their vacations.

  1. The Beach– Gorgeous swimming pools allow travelers the chance to wake up and go for a refreshing swim, but being along the beach is perfect for all those who want to get started right on the sand. There are a variety of beautiful sightseeing opportunities in the city, but truthfully the beaches are the best place to get started. For those looking to venture outside the hotel, another recommendation is Sayulita, a scenic surfing pit stop for adventurous travelers to enjoy. Be sure to stick around for a delicious bite to eat while in the area, since there are some delicious dining options.
  2. Underwater– There are also quite a few beautiful islands travelers will love exploring, both above and below sea level. Krystal International Vacation Club shares that Puerto Vallarta is a great place for all those who are new to the sport of snorkeling to get started in since there are expert guides who can assist them. But those who are intermediate at the sport won’t get bored either, and this is some of the best sightseeing in town. Be sure to check out Bahia de Bandera, Las Caletas and Marieta Island for the chance to see the wildlife of the area.
  3. Architecture– There are also some amazing examples of architecture in the area, something Krystal International Vacation Club shares everyone should take the chance to tour around Puerto Vallarta and check out. One of the most famous is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a prominent example of gothic-revival that has been standing since the early 1900s. Last but not least, Plaza de las Armas (Main Square) is a must for visitors, rounding out the perfect vacation.

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